Happy Ugadi!

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Dear Friends,

The term ‘Ugadi’ coined from the Sanskrit word ‘Yugadi’, meaning ‘starting of a new yuga’.This festival echoes the festive mood of people all over India now. Mother Nature awakes from her deep slumber to give birth to new plants and cover earth in a blanket of green.As spring accompanies new life on earth, this festival of Yugadi accompanies a feeling of joy,growth and prosperity.

What time is more appropriate to welcome a new beggining for Bahrat? Oh Mother India wake up from the decade long slumber.. Mother, shake off the dirty corrupt governement from your lap and refresh to recieve your selfless children for a new era, new yuga, of hope, pride, growth, development, prosperity and harmony. Let’s enjoy and celebrate the spirit of Ugadi with a new beginning.


vote for Change! Vote for India! Vote for BJP


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